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EscoLab Contest «We have an idea!»

Have you ever thought about what topics need to make research about? Would you like to improve certain things that still do not have solution?

In EscoLab we want to know what are the issues that concern you and the problems you would like to solve.

If after attending to some of the activities, an idea has come up and you would like it to be investigated, take part in the V EscoLab Contest: We have an idea!.

The contest is open to group participation. We want you to explain and argue the reason for your proposal. We will assess the creativity in the presentation, the degree of innovation, the approach and argumentation, its possible usefulness and the social importance of the problem or issue to be solved, aside from the ethical criteria.

There will be prizes for the winning students and teachers!




We also encourage you to give us feedback on the website about the activities you have taken part so far.


EscoLab Contest «We have an idea!»

You can encourage your students to participate with their original ideas on the contest «We have an idea!»

Goals of the competition:

  • Reflecting on the role of R+D+I in society.
  • Promote critical thinking, evidence-based reasoning and collaborative learning skills.
  • Encourage young people to adopt a creative attitude.
  • Engage them in the R+D+I processes and give them the opportunity to influence the social challenges, adopting the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

There will be prizes for the winning students and teachers!

Help us improve the program evaluating the activity in which you have participated. It will be much appreciated you take 5 minutes to answer the following survey. Please, note you need to be registered to access it. No personal information will be recorded.




Research Staff

Would you like to organize an activity with EscoLab?

Would you like to present your work as a research centre and explain what you are investigating? Send us a proposal and we will contact you.




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lis.miguel@ · 21/11/2017 16:49 · Related activity "Museu de la FIB. Un recorregut per la història de la informàtica"

Hola! Em posso en contacte amb vosaltres des de la Fundació Adsis. Ens agradaria poder visitar el vostre museu, tot i que el nostre grup és de PFI de Informàtica. És un grup força avançat, i per això pensem que ho sabrien aprofitar. Que hi ha alguna possibilitat? Gràcies

mdolors.anton@ · 09/11/2017 13:02 · Related activity "El misteriós món de les proteïnes"

Ja està cancelada

tcapella@ · 30/10/2017 17:52

Bona tarda, Sóc la Teresa Capella de l'Escola IPSE Tinc adjudicada l'activitat: Del laboratori al pacient: com investiguem en un gran hospital data 31/01/2018 hora de 10:00 a 12:00 Places: 20 Resulta que el nombre d'alumnes serà com a molt, 10. Us ho dic per si alguna Escola també amb pocs alumnes pugués està interessada per completar les 20 places. Salutacions

escolab@ · 17/10/2017 13:57

Hola meritxell.plana@ Gràcies pel teu interès. Les activitats d'Escolab estan dirigides únicament a la comunitat educativa. Concretament per a secundària, batxillerat i cicles formatius. Salutacions.

meritxell.plana@ · 13/10/2017 10:35

Hola, M'agradaria saber si oferiu activitats fora de l'àmbit escolar adreçades a famílies amb nens. Gràcies per endavant

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