Each school year, the first allocation of places for the activities is carried out by lottery, in September.

Once the raffle has been held, the activities that have not been awarded can be consulted and reserved directly through the Activities section of the website (out of draw), as well as the new activities that are incorporated into the platform during the school year.

Calendar 2023-2024:

  • From September 8th to 15th (both dates included): Consultation of activities and registration to the raffle
  • 09/16/23: Raffle of activities
  • From 18/09/23 until June 2023: Reactivation of free reservations

To participate in the scheduled activities, please consider the following:

  • It is essential to have previously registered on the website of Escolab, by clicking on the "LOGIN" button in the top menu (for inquiries about registration, contact
  • Limitations on booking activities:
    • As part of the raffle:
      • Each "user-teacher" can request up to twelve activities (all twelve may be awarded).
      • There is no maximum number of requests per school.
    • Out of the raffle:
      • Each "user-teacher" can book up to four activities.
      • A single school can book up to six different activities.

Raffle entry procedure:

  • Enter the desired activity and click the button to sign up for the raffle.
  • You will receive an automatic email that will confirm that your registration for the draw has been completed correctly (if you do not receive it, check your spam folder).
  • You can check on the web the activities to which you have registered for the draw and their status, by clicking "Options" within your profile.
  • During the day of the raffle, no registration or reservation can be made.
  • Whether you have been lucky and obtained a place for an activity, or not, you will be informed by email.
  • If you obtain a place, the reservation for the corresponding activity will be automatically created, which the research center will confirm via email.
  • The Monday following the draw will resume the normal flow of reservations.

After the raffle, to reserve the free activities remember that:

  • In the list of events, the red color icon located on the title of the activities + indicates that the activity has already been booked and therefore does not have available places.
  • If the activity has already been fully booked, you can sign up on a waiting list in order to receive an alert later if there are seats available. You can do it in the same place where you would click to book it.
  • At least 15 days before the activity, please contact the research centre to confirm the number of students that you will bring and answer any questions you may have about the activity.
  • All reservations must be managed through the web. According to the selected activity, there are two options:

    Book on a specific date: right after requesting the reservation, you will receive an automatically generated email that will confirm that your application has been successful (if you do not get this message, check that it has not gone to the spam tray). From this point onwards, the activity will not accept any other booking. The final confirmation from the research centre will be sent in the incoming days by a second email. If after a week you have not received this confirmation, please contact the organizers of the activity. You can find their contact details on the first email you receive.

    Booking dates "to be determined": the process is the same as described in the previous section, but in this case you have available a new field where you can indicate if you have any specific dates or period preferred to perform the activity.

Attention! Be careful when making reservations. Last-minute cancellations make it impossible for other schools to make a new reservation and harm both, these and the research centers, which will have invested time and resources to prepare the activity in vain.


If you have to cancel a booking please advise with at least 15 days before the activity starts, in order to give the option to other schools that are on the waiting list.

In case you were forced to cancel it after that limit, a justification will be required and the incidence will be analyzed. If the justification is not considered reasonable, the fact of not allowing the school center to participate in the next edition of Escolab will be valued.


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